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        Horizontal biomass steam boiler



        產品特點介紹 Features of the product introduction

                The company of the biomass fuel boiler is on the basis of the introduction of foreign advanced combustion technology in combination with the practical situation of our country to carry on the design, development, Uses the water wall tube in boiler heating surface three return structure, threaded pipe, a setting in the furnace arch before and after two or three times with the wind device, for half of biomass fuel gasification combustion, greatly reducing the incomplete combustion loss. With reasonable structure, large heating area, high thermal efficiency, burning full, no pollution, low emission, etc. Adopt mechanical automatic feeding device, the realization of mechanization of fuel combustion, and equipped with flue gas waste heat recovery of economizer. Various types of emissions are below the national (GB13271-2001) "boiler air pollutant emission standard" regulation, is the alternative fuel, gas, electricity, coal fired steam boiler of the best products. Biomass boiler operation cost is low, fuel, gas, electric heating boiler can save 40%-60%, save 5%-10% running cost than coal, the heat energy is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving environmental protection equipment.


        用途介紹 The purpose

                Biomass fuel boiler can be widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, food processing, rubber, plastic, chemical industry, pharmacy, metallurgy and paper making, etc, and is available for business, office, hotel, school, restaurant, service industries such as heating, cooking, required for steam and hot water bath, air conditioner and life, especially suitable for high requirements for environmental protection and energy saving of users, Ⅱ time standard area.



        PS: Our company always improve the products, if something is change in a hurry, we can't show it in our catalogue, thanks for your understanding.

        安裝示意圖 Installation Instruction

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